Shredded meat with fish fragrance

There is no fish in the fish-flavored shredded pork. Where did the “fish fragrance” come from?

That’s it – pickled peppers.

The marinated chili peppers of Erjingtiao, after frying, are fragrant like fish, so it is called Yuxiang.

Yuxiang, literally “fish incense”, is a seasoning in Chinese cuisine and also refers to the sauce produced by cooking meat or vegetables.

It is said to have originated in Sichuan cuisine, but has since spread to other Chinese cuisines.

Although the word contains the character “fish” in Chinese, Yuxiang does not contain seafood and is not usually used for seafood, but is used in dishes that usually contain beef, pork as well as in vegetarian recipes.

Cooking fish flavor includes using pork loin, sugar, salt, bean paste, soy sauce and pickled chili.

The dishes with fish fragrance as the main seasoning are all accompanied by the name of fish fragrance. E.g:

Yuxiang rousi (魚香肉絲): Pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang

Yuxiang qiezi (魚香茄子): Braised eggplants with yuxiang


Lean meat 250g

Black Fungus 50g

Carrot 50g

Green pepper 40g

Minced Onion Ginger Garlic

Bean paste or pickled pepper 20g or appropriate amount

Vinegar 20g

15g soy sauce or appropriate amount

cooking wine 15g

a pinch of salt

A little water starch (1 g, used when pulping)

A little water or soup


Step1 Prepare vegetables

Prepare vegetables: shred carrots, wash and shred green peppers, and tear fungus into small pieces for later use.


Step2 Marinate shredded pork

First, wash and shred the lean meat, then marinate with salt, pepper, cooking wine, egg white, and starch for 10 minutes.


Step3 Prepare the seasoning

A spoonful of bean paste, minced onion, ginger and garlic.


Step4 Seasoning sauce

Take a small bowl, then put sugar, balsamic vinegar, cooking wine, salt, soy sauce, a small amount of water, and water starch together.

Reminder: Because the bean paste already has salt, if the taste is light, you can no longer add salt!


Step5 Fry the meat until it changes color

First, pour oil into the pot, secondly, stir-fry the mashed meat to disperse it, and finally, fry the shredded meat until it turns white and transfer it to a plate for later use!


Step6 Fry the carrots first

Put a little oil in the original pot, fry the carrots for 2 minutes, then put them aside, and then put the bean paste into the oil!


Step7 Add seasoning

Stir fry the onion ginger garlic powder and other ingredients together!


Step8 Stir fry the shredded pork again

Add the shredded pork and other ingredients and stir fry evenly!


Step9 Pour the adjusted starch juice

In the last step, pour in the prepared small bowl of juice and stir fry evenly, ready to put it on the plate!



One is material selection. Tenderloin is the first choice, it tastes more tender. Finely chop the pickled peppers before putting them in the pot, so as to make a bright red oil.

The second is the heat. The fried fish-flavored shredded pork should be fried quickly and quickly, and the fire should be large enough, so that the fried dishes will naturally taste very good.

The third is proportion. Fish-flavored shredded pork pays attention to “you can’t see the soup when you see the oil”, and the seasoning ratio of the fish-flavored juice should be well adjusted. Ginger and garlic should be minced, and fried together with pickled pepper until crispy and spicy, and at the same time, people will not feel spicy after eating.

Finally, the shredded pork for this dish must be cut vertically and cut along the lines of the meat, so that the shredded pork is beautiful.

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